Exchange Programs
  • Non Degree at all Global Partners:
    1 Semester studies only
  • Double Degree at MX, TEC de Monterrey and CN, CDHAW Tongji
    2 Semesters: 1 for studies and 1 for intership and/or thesis

Please pay close attention to your own insurance needs, especially health insurance. This is your personal responsibility!
Note: Some partners (e.g. TEC de Monterrey) may require you to purchase local health insurance. 

Language Support
Start of semester

Please check carefully

  • Spring term starts as early as January (USA), February (MX, F, FI) and March (CDHAW, ...check!)
  • Fall term starts in August (USA, MX) and September (CDHAW, ... check!)
Study programsThrough our partners we can offer acces to a variety of programs ranging from Business to Engineering to Industrial Engineering as well as Engineering & Management similar to the Mannheim model.  
TuitionsNo tuition fees for students going out to Global Partners.
(Administration fees of €100-200 per semester may apply.)

Susanne Hausi, B.A.

Information & Application

Gebäude L, Raum 355

Stephan Altmann, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Application & Credit Transfer

Gebäude L, Raum 156