24 Global Partners in Engineering & Management at Mannheim University

Our Partners in


  1. Bologna, Universita di, IT
  2. Deutsch-Türkische Universität, TR
  3. ENSGSI,  Nancy, FR
  4. Häme University of Applied Sciences, FI
  5. Istanbul Technical University, TR
  6. Kajaani University, FI
  7. Miguel de Cervantes, Universidad Europea,  ES
  8. Porto, Politécnico do,  PT
  9. Sevilla, Universidad de , ES
  10. Szeged University, HU
  11. VIA University College, DK
  12. HES-SO, Hochschule Wallis, CH

  13. German-Jordanian University, JO

  14. Tecnológico de Monterrey, MX
  15. Universidad de las Américas Puebla, MX
  16. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, MX
  17. Iowa State University, USA (via M)
  18. Oakland University, USA (via M)
  19. Clarkson University, USA
  20. California State University, USA
  21. University of Wyoming, USA (via M)
  22. Universidad Católica del Uruguay, UY

  23. CDHAW Tongji University, CN
  24. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, MY
    (beginning 2025)
Study programsThrough our partners we can offer acces to a variety of programs ranging from Business to Engineering to Industrial Engineering as well as Engineering & Management similar to the Mannheim model.  
Start of study programs

Please check carefully

  • Spring term starts as early as January (USA), February (MX, F, FI) and March (CDHAW, ...check!)
  • Fall term starts in August (USA, MX) and September (CDHAW, ... check!)
Exchange Programs
  • Non Degree at all Global Partners:
    1 Semester studies only
  • Double Degree at TEC de Monterrey, MX and CDHAW Tongji, CN
    2 Semesters: 1 for studies and 1 for intership and/or thesis
Language Support

Application Deadlines for
Global Partner Programs

  • December 31st for going out in fall term of the following year
  • May 31st for going out in spring term of the following year
    Applications need to be submitted according to our guidelines complete and on time via INT WIng in Moodle.
Financial SupportOur European partner exchange is supported by ERASMUS.
Please refer to the financial support opportunities offered by the
International Office of Mannheim University.
TuitionsNo tuition fees for students going out to Global Partners.
(Administration fees of €100-200 per semester may apply.)

Please pay close attention to your own insurance needs, especially health insurance. This is your personal responsibility!
Note: Some partners (e.g. TEC de Monterrey) may require you to purchase local health insurance. 


Prof. Dr. S. Altmann
Contact me to arrange a meeting date.

Contact Hours

Not available in spring term 22
(Sommersemester 22)