Follow the steps in Mobility Online

After nomination by Team International WING, the International Office will contact you and set up the next steps you have to complete for your Erasmus+ semester in Mobility Online.

You should have already registered in Mobility Online during the Information task.


Complete the faculty’s Credit Transfer Protocol (CTP) and Erasmus Learning Agreement (LA)

The Credit Transfer Protocol enables you to transfer credits earned during your mobility to HSMA. Any other learning agreement needs to be aligned to the CTP.


Update Erasmus Learning Agreement according to the updated CTP

Only if changes to courses are required after arrival at partner university


Complete your Erasmus+ Mobility

Finish all steps in Mobility Online and proceed with the Credit Transfer tasks.

Detailed Information on Erasmus+ is available on the homepage of the International Office

Information on the Erasmus+ Process is only available on the homepage of the HSMA International Office.

Please contact the International Office for consultation on your Erasmus+ Mobility here: Erasmus IO

Master Checklist

Erasmus Learning Agreement

The Erasmus Learning Agreement (LA) is a prerequisite for Erasmus+ funding and is part of the Erasmus contract. The Learning Agreement must be filled out before departure and signed by both the home and partner university.

During the stay abroad, any changes to the courses taken are documented and the credits achieved are confirmed by the partner university after the return.

The LA is maintained and confirmed in Mobility Online. See here for more information.