To dos before departure

Before you leave Mannheim and return home, there are a few things to do. Below you will find to-dos before your departure.

When your stay unfortunately comes to an end, please follow the advice below as you prepare to return to your home university to avoid encountering unresolved issues upon your return.

Before you leave Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), it is important that you de-register from MUAS. This is because you will need a certificate of exmatriculation if you want to study at a German university again.

To exmatriculate from MUAS, you should send the completed application for exmatriculation (LINK) by e-mail to mailaddress. A few days later, you can download the de-registration certificate in Campus Management with your MUAS registration data.

You can either mail the MUAS card to the Studentenwerk. If mailing the card is not possible, you can keep it as a souvenir. You should also make sure that you do not have to return any books to the library.

  • Double Degree Students: Please ask your double degree coordinator when you are allowed to exmatriculate!
  • Exchange students from the EU: Please exmatriculate after your last exam.
  • Non-EU exchange students: On the day of your de-registration, your visa/residence permit expires. So if you are still staying in Germany or Europe after your last exam, please exmatriculate on the day you leave Europe. The last possible day of exmatriculation is February 28 in the fall/winter semester and August 31 in the spring/summer semester.

With the certificate (Transcript of Records), you are able to get your grades registered at your home university. Please contact your local contact person directly about the grade conversion.

You have to deregister as a resident of the city where you lived in Germany. Most students do this at the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) of the city of Mannheim in K7, since they have found an apartment in Mannheim. You do not need an appointment to deregister. You can deregister in person or by e-mail. To deregister electronically, please send an email to: and attach the following documents:

  • a scan of your passport
  • the completely filled out and signed form for deregistration at the Mannheim Residents' Registration Office.

If you are a member of a German health insurance, please ask the Einwohnermeldeamt to confirm your deregistration. You must then submit this confirmation to your German health insurance company to cancel your membership.

If you are a member of a German health insurance, please send the following documents to your health insurance company to cancel your membership:

  • Your certificate of exmatriculation from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.
  • Your deregistration confirmation from the Einwohnermeldeamt (see above).

Double Degree Students: Please ask your double degree coordinator when you can cancel your health insurance!

If you have opened a blocked account as a condition for obtaining your visa or residence title, you can close it at the Foreign's Registration Office. For this purpose, you have to obtain the consent to close the blocked account at the responsible Foreign's Registration Office (in Mannheim in K7) before your departure.

Students who have not opened a blocked account do not have to deregister at the Aliens' Registration Office. The responsible Residents' Registration Office will inform the Foreign's Registration Office about your deregistration. 

Before you leave Mannheim again, you not only have to inform the citizens' registration office about your departure from Germany, but you also have to deregister from the broadcasting contribution service. You can do this easily online. Below you will find instructions on how to fill out the form.

You can optionally upload a certificate of your deregistration from the Bürgeramt in the online form as proof that you will be leaving Germany.

You should receive a written confirmation by mail after deregistration.

Students who have received a room in a residence hall through the International Office must arrange a move-out date with the house supervisors.


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