Data stored in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management for their stay abroad

Our duty to inform you according to Art. 12 EU-DSGVO

Status December 2018

Responsible for faculty international affairs: Academic Management International Officer.

The person responsible for Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in terms of data protection is the Rector.

Contact to the data protection officer: Data protection officer of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is Mr. Hirsch. Please direct inquiries to:

As a public corporation of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is subject to the State Data Protection Act BW (LDSG-BW) as well as a number of other legal regulations such as the State University Act BW (LHG-BW), the University Data Protection Ordinance BW, the State Archives Act - LArchG

The international representatives of the faculty process personal data of international applicants as well as data of students of the university in order to fulfill their duties. Legal basis: LDSG §4 Permissibility of processing personal data.

Deletion periods: We delete your personal data according to legal obligation. Legal basis: AnO Schriftgut 4.1 (10 years).

Students who leave the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences for the purpose of a stay abroad (outgoing).

For these students, the data is taken manually from your inquiries and application documents filled out by the students ("first name, last name, address, matriculation number, planned study abroad project, level of study program, language skills, semester of study, contact data, planned study abroad project, transcript of grades).

Transmission of data to partner universities or responsible contact person of the consortium universities: Last name, first name, gender, address, email address, level of study (Bachelor, Master), course of study, planned period at the host university, language skills, learning agreement. (Legal basis: EU-DSGVO Art. 34). 

International students coming to the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (incoming).

For these students, the data is taken manually from the registration form of the International Office filled out by the students or their application documents addressed directly to the faculty (first name, last name, contact details, nationality, German language skills, planned stay, grade level, language skills, faculty, home university).

Access to your records: According to the respective directories of processing activities, access to the data records mentioned here is exclusively granted to the foreign representatives of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management and the contact persons at the respective partner universities. We undertake to handle the data with due care.

Your right to inspect, change and delete data

Data protection officer: You can contact the data protection officer, Mr. Hirsch, by e-mail at:

We are pleased to inform you about your data subject rights according to EU-DSGVO (Art. 13 and 14).

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    Right to information
    Right to rectification, deletion and restriction
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Log files/log files see:

On these pages you will also find information on the administration and processing of electronic requests via a ticketing system and on authentication via central identifier.


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Sicherheitsbelehrung für Auslandsaufenthalte

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Sicherheitsbelehrung für Auslandsaufenthalte