Studying at a University which is not a partner of Mannheim

In addition to the exchange programs of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, you can of course also apply directly to a foreign university as a so-called free mover for a study place. In this case, however, you should plan for longer lead times. As a free mover, you plan your stay abroad independently and take care of the application, financing and implementation on your own.

You will find various options online for finding out in advance about the university of your choice and the courses it offers. There you can find out about the formal admission requirements, information about the application process and the amount of any tuition fees that may have to be paid.

The DAAD offers a search engine, including financial support opportunities and country information.

Before your stay abroad as a free mover, you should also clarify and record in writing the courses to be taken at the host university and the corresponding recognition of study and examination achievements in Mannheim before you start your studies. 

If you are admitted to the university of your choice, you should clarify, among other things:

  • Additional financing
  • Visa (study permit) - may take longer!
  • Proof of vaccination if necessary
  • International health insurance
  • Private liability and accident insurance
  • Recognition of study and examination achievements abroad
  • Re-registration
  • International student card (AStA)

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Information & Application

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Application & Credit Transfer

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