Events summer semester 2024

Information & Networking Event April, 9 3:30 - 05:00 pm L206
Credit Transfer Workshop April, 25 3:30 - 4:30 pm L206
Internships Abroad Workshop (KOOR and AIESEC) Mai, 14 3:30 - 05:00 pm L206
Ambassador & Farewell Event June, 4 3:30 - 05:00 pm L206
Welcome & Planning Workshop I. March, 15 12:00 - 02:00 pm L304
Information & Networking Event April, 9 03:30 - 05:00 pm L206
Planning Workshop II. April, 18 12:30 - 01:30 pm L304
Applications & Internships Workshop April, 18 01:30 - 02:30 pm L304
Ambassador & Farewell Event June, 4 03:30 - 05:00 pm L206


Online Info Meeting with ENSGSI Nancy

Attention students! Don't miss out on our upcoming info meeting with our partner university ENSGSI Nancy

Date: 16.05.2024

Time: 3-3:30 pm

Location: Online!

At the meeting, representatives from ENSGSI Nancy will introduce themselves and provide valuable insights into their programs. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with students from Nancy and our outgoing student who is currently studying there.

If you're interested in joining, send us a quick email (, and we'll send you the access link. This is your chance to learn more about studying abroad at ENSGSI Nancy and to connect with fellow students.

See you there! 

New Partner @WING

Universidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf), Argentina

Exicting news!  Mannheim University of Applied Sciences has officially partnered with the Universidad Nacional de Rafaela in Argentina.

Now, students from our Department of Engineering & Management can spend a semester abroad at UNRaf, and vice versa.

Rafaela, located in the Santa Fe Province, offers a vibrant environment with around 93,000 residents. They offer various degree programs across three departments: Professional Studies, Technologies and Innovation for Development and Social Sciences and Humanities.

This collaboration promises enriching academic and cultural experiences for students from both institutions. Get ready for an adventure of learning and exploration!

Internship Abroad Workshop mit KOOR und AIESEC

IO: Infoveranstaltung Auslandsaufenthalt

Überblick, Beispiele, Erfahrungsaustausch

Double Degree

Discover Andrea Luna Cruz's story: coming in from TEC, accelerating at HSMA and succeeding at Siemens

Discover Andrea Luna Cruz's story: Former double degree student of our faculty, now working at Siemens in Germany. In her video she shares valuable insights into the Double Degree Programme.

Summer School Shanghai


Entdecke die Summer School der DHIK in Shanghai!

Tauche ein in die Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur Chinas.

Bewerbungsfrist bis 19. Mai 2024.

Sichere dir jetzt deinen Platz!

Weitere Infos auf dem Flyer oder unter


Information event: Fulbright Scholarship

New Partner @WING

Università di Trento, Italy

We're excited to announce an enriching partnership for Master's students at  Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Our new Global Partner is the Università di Trento in Italy, renowned for its stunning location in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site and its strong international connections.

The University of Trento is a dynamic research and teaching institution with top industry ties, consistently ranked among Italy's best universities. It focuses on innovative education methods, including flexible learning pathways and micro-credentials.

With a medium-sized campus, University of Trento encourages interactions among students and teachers, fostering a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere across various disciplines. This multicultural university provides a stimulating learning environment thanks to its long-standing international relations.

This partnership promises Master's students an exciting journey of academic growth and cultural exploration. We extend a warm welcome to Università di Trento's Master's students to Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Get ready for a journey of academic growth and cultural exploration!

2024 Winter School @TEC de Monterrey, Puebla, Mexico

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming MDHK Winter School 2024 in Mexico.

Academic director: Prof. Mariam Dopslaf from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kobert ( or Prof. Dopslaf ( by mail.

New Partner @WING

Sungshin Women's University Seoul, South Korea

We are pleased to announce a new global partnership between Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and Sungshin Women's UniversityThis partnership will provide opportunities for students seeking enriching academic experiences.

Sungshin Women's University is known for its cutting-edge degree programs and impactful research initiatives. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this partnership is a significant step in fostering international academic relations and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

Enjoy the vibrant academic atmosphere of Sungshin Women's University while immersing yourself in the unique cultural diversity of Seoul, South Korea. Engage with local traditions, broaden your horizons, and make lasting connections with students from around the world.

We are delighted to welcome students from Sungshin Women's University to Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Be prepared for academic growth, cultural exploration, and self-discovery!

New Partner @WING

Presidency University Bangalore, India

We are pleased to announce a new global partnership between Mannheim University of Applied Sciences  and Presidency University Bangalore that opens up amazing opportunities for exchange students. This cooperation is another exciting chapter in our commitment to international academic relations and the promotion of intercultural understanding.

Presidency University Bangalore, known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life, is a leading institution in India with a strong focus on research and innovation. Through this partnership, we aim to create a dynamic platform for students from both institutions to engage in a rich exchange of knowledge, ideas and cultural experiences.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and diverse culture of Bangalore, a city known as the "Silicon Valley of India." Experience the warmth and hospitality of the local people and get inspired by the rich traditions and flavors of Indian culture.

We look forward to welcoming exchange students from Bangalore and providing them with an unforgettable experience at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Get ready for an extraordinary journey of knowledge, culture and self-awareness!

Partner TEC de Monterrey visits HMA

Double Degree at TEC now in new TEC 21 format

Exciting News from TEC de Monterrey Visit: Double Degree Opportunities!

On Wednesday June 21st, we recived a full day visit by our colleagues from TEC de Monterrey. Graciela Caffarel, National Director Industrial Engineering, Elvira Rincón, Program Director Mechatronics Engineering, Mauricio Mojica, Program Director Mechanical Engineering and Monica Ceballos from MDHK in Saarbrücken. They were welcomed by Ann Müller and Karin Plattner from the IO of HMA. Prof. Sebastian Haupt (M), Guido va de Logt (MT) and Stephan Altmann (W) joined as well.

A very important part of the discussions during the day included a review of the Double Degree at TEC available to students from M, MT and W at HMA. Starting 2024, TEC will have shifted completely to the new TEC 21 program. This will mean that more of the attractive course options at TEC will become available to students from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences studying at TEC.

The Double Degree (2 Semesters) is in focus at TEC. Normal 1 Semester exchanges are also possible but access to English lectures may be limited. Students going to TEC with at least Spanish B2 will still be able to choose both options with maximum flexibility regarding the choices of courses at TEC.   

Graciella and Stephan discussed offering joined lectures in the global classroom in the future. This development will take some time. It may become available as early as WS 2024.

For any inquiries or further details, please don't hesitate to contact us at  Team IW.

Online Informationsveranstaltung @IO

Sie planen einen studienintegrierten Auslandsaufenthalt?

Dann informieren Sie sich frühzeitig über Ihre Möglichkeiten!

Das International Office Team stellt sich Ihnen vor und Studierende berichten über ihre Auslandserfahrungen am

Dienstag, den 25.04.2023 ab 15:20 Uhr

(Den Webex-Link erhalten Sie per E-Mail und auf moodle)


Going Abroad @WING

For all students who want to go abroad and those who have been abroad.

Please come by and learn everything you need to know about going abroad during your studies at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and network with our students who have already been abroad as well as our incoming students.

New Partner @WING

Tomas Bata University, Zlin, Czech Republic

Dear Students, including those of you NOW APPLYING for December 31st:

We have a new partner in the Czech Republic: Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

Our colleagues in the Faculty of Management and Economics are looking forward to receiving you in Zlin:

Our partnership will allow you to take courses in other faculties as well, including Technology,  Applied Informatics and Communication.

Some special insights availbale via Instagram:


New Team International @WING

Susanne Hausi joins Team International WING in January 2023

We are very glad to be able to inform you that Ms. Susanne Hausi will be joining Team International WING in January of 2023.

We are looking foreward to again be giving you the service you need together with Susanne Hausi going forward.

Please help us in welcoming Susanne Hausi to Mannheim University!

Jetzt bewerben: CSC-Stipendium für CDHAW Double Degree Teilnehmer mit Start im WS 23/24

Liebe CDHAW Outgoings für 2023/24, 

die offizielle Bewerbungsfrist für das CSC-Stipendium für CDHAW Double Degree Teilnehmer mit Start im WS 23/24 ist der 28. Februar 2023.

Informationen zur Bewerbung finden Sie hier:

Änderungen dieses Jahr:

  • Online-Bewerbung beim CSC bis spätestens 28. Februar 2023 – spätere Bewerbungen werden durch das CSC nicht berücksichtigt
  • Einsendung der Unterlagen in digitaler und dieses Jahr wieder in gedruckter Form: 28. Februar 2022
  • Nur für das Ranking notwendige Unterlagen müssen schon bis 6. Februar digital an die Koordinatoren versendet werden (Zeitgewinn für Bewerber)

Bitte senden Sie mir paarallel die Nominierungen für das DD-Programm der CDHAW, die ihnen bereits bekannt sind. Nutzen Sie bitte die Tabelle im Anhang.

Achtung: Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Leistungen des Stipendiums nur ausgezahlt werden können, wenn es möglich ist das Studium vor Ort in China anzutreten. Sollte also z.B. aufgrund einer pandemiebedingten Einreiseeinschränkung der VR-China das Programm nur online stattfinden können, werden keine Leistungen verfügbar sein! Die muss gegen die Investition in die Bewerbungsunterlagen bedacht werden.

Insta International of HMA

Join us and share your experience abroad via our Instagram channel!

Mannheim University's International Office has installed its own Instagramm Channel  to help you share your experiences with friends and fellow students.
Wether you are Incoming at HMA or Outgoing somewhere out there in thworld - please share your experiences so that more may see and feel what your experience could mean for them. - Thank You! 

2023 Winter School @TEC de Monterrey, Puebla, Mexico

Please check if you want to participate in the next Winter School of TEC de Monterrey in Puebla, Mexico?

Prof. Specker (Kiel) is offering an information session for this on Nov. 24th at 13:00 PM in his Zoom room.

Events during Fall Term 2022/23

  • Welcome & information Event for INCOMINGS & OUTGOINGS:
    Overview of partner universities, funding possibilities, application process...
    28.09.2022 at 4:30 p.m.
    More info can be found here INT Wing
  • Internships & Applications Workshop for INCOMINGS:
    Information about credit transfer and recognition before and after your stay abroad
    26.10.2022 at 10 a.m.
    More info can be found here INT Wing
  • Credits & More Workshop for OUTGOINGS:
    Information about credit transfer and recognition before and after your stay abroad
    26.10.2022 at 5 p.m.
    ONLINE event only: more info can be found here INT Wing
  • Networking & Ambassador's Meeting for OUTGOINGS & INCOMINGS
    Farewell event for Incomings & Outgoings
    14.12.2022 at 5:30 p.m.
    OFFLINE event only. More info can be found here INT Wing

Visit by Vice-Chancellor of UMP, Professor Dato' TS. Dr. Yusserie Bin Zainuddin

Today, we received Professor Dato' TS. Dr. Yusserie Bin Zainuddin together with Professor Dr. Abdullah Bin Ibrahim and Muhammad Hafiz Aswad Bin Ahmad Kamal at HS Mannheim to discuss about future collaboration in teaching and research. Our vice-presidents Prof. Matthias Hafner (Research & International) and Prof. Klaus Beck (Teaching & Sustainability), supported by Prof. Kirstin Kohler ( , Prof. Sebastian Haupt (Institute for Production Technology), Prof. Werner Diewald (Process and Chemical Technology), Sarah Hörner (CeMOS) for Prof. Rüdiger Rudolf and Kevin Kastner (Virtual Engineering Center) for Prof. Julian Reichwald, presented HS Manneim successfully. Follow-up visits are being planned in Malaysia and Germany. Togteher with Ann Müller of our International Office we are on a very good path to setting up everything for the start of our new double-degree programm with UMP in 2025.

Prof. Dr. David Güemes from TEC de Monterrey visits HS Mannheim and

Thank you David Güemes for visiting Kirstin Kohler and me at - Design Factory Mannheim to exchange on hybrid and blended international #collaboration designs. It was a pleasure to show you around and, following your presentation at Hochschule Mannheim, to discuss how we can promote #innovation and #entrepreneurship in our regions. (June 28, 2022)
Source: S. Altmann

Universiti Malaysia Pahang visits Mannheim to Underline Joint Strategic Collaboration

We continue to deepen our international relationships with the great support from our International Office with Ann Müller, our dean Matthias Klimmer and our vice president Thomas Schüssler (June 3rd, 2022).
Source: UMP​​​​​​​

New partnership with Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia - starting 2025

On February 9, 2022, Prof. Dr. Astrid Hedtke-Becker, Rector of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and Prof. Dato' Ts. Dr. Yuserrie bin Zainuddin, Acting Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) signed an agreement for a new partnership and Bachelor double degree program between the Faculty of Engineering and Management at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and Industrial Management at UMP. Numerous guests of honor accompanied the signing ceremony, including the German Ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Peter Blomeyer.

Mannheim students will be able to study one full year in Malaysia, and vice versa, follow lectures presented in English and perform thesis work and internships in local companies to finally receive their degree from both universities. The first year of exchange will be in 2025, after the new programs on both sides have run up to the 7th and 8th semester of studies. 

UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG is the 21st international partner of our faculty of Engineering and Management. We are looking forward to strengthening our ties with our colleagues and friends in Pahang.

Starting 2022: New Opportunities in Mexico and new programs at TEC de Monterrey

News about TEC de Monterrey:

  • From 2022 onwards, studying at TEC de Monterrey will generally only be possible at the main campus in Monterrey! This is fixed for all Double Degree Candidates. Students with Spanish B1 capability and going out for one semester only can in addition choose to go to Guadalajara, Querétaro and Mexico City.  
  • TEC de Monterrey is changing their study and teaching programs quite radically: Course structures will change significantly. Course options are still being discussed. Focus will be on business and data management studies. 
  • Students going to TEC de Monterrey in 2022 and 2023 will need to be flexible concerning course choices: 
    The new course catalogue of TEC de Monterrey according to the TEC21 program in Industrial and System Engineering is available here
  • Catalogues of more classes in English will be available approximately in April 2022 incl. options in other faculties, incl. business.  
  • The Double Degree Program at TEC dem Monterey will ONLY be available for WBI students from WS 22/23 onwards as 240 ECTS are a core degree-requirement.
  • All courses of the 5th semester of the 'Ingeniero Industrial y de Sistemas' are compulsory for the first semester of the Double Degree Program from WS 22/23 onwards! The second semester of the Double Degree will now comprise a full semester internship comparable and equivalent to the Praxissemester at HSM.
  • Currently the Double Degree Program courses are the only ones of which we know that they are offered in English. You must assume that all other courses are offered in Spanish only!
  • Students planning to study only one semester at TEC de Monterrey must have proof of at least Spanish B1 from WS 22/23 onwards! This is beause we expect that the number of courses taught in English will be significantly reduced at least temporarily.

News about New Partners in Mexico available from WS 22/23 onwards:

  • UADY is a new partner university in Mexico (Yucatan). It is possible and highly recommended to study at UADY for 1 semester. There is no double degree program at UADY. UADY courses are almost exclusively offered in Spanish. Spanish B1 is therefore required to be elligible for studying at UADY.
  • UDLAP is another new partner university in Mexico (Puebla).  UDLAP offers many courses taught in English. UDLAP does not offer a double degree. UDLAP is therefore recommended for students without good Spanish language competences plannig to study in Mexico for 1 semester. 


VIA Summer School

Summer School im August an unserer Partnerhochschule in Dänemark

WANN: August 2021
WO: Aarhus City Center Campus, Dänemark
WAS: 2 – 4-wöchige englischsprachige Intensivkurse, Schwerpunkte Sustainability und Entrepreneurship
KOSTEN: Informationen zu den Gebühren finden Sie hier – das VIA University College bietet auch Stipendien an
FRIST: Bewerbung möglich bis zum 1. April 2021 (first come first serve)

Neue Partnerhochschulen der Fakultät

Seit letztem Wintersemester 2020/21 stehen unseren Studierenden vier neue Partnerhochschulen für ein Theoriesemester zur Verfügung:

Universidad Europae Miguel de Cervantes in Valladolid/Spanien mit Plätzen für Bachelor- und Masterstudierende

Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y./USA mit Plätzen für Bachelor- und Masterstudierende

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) in Kajaani/Finnland mit Plätzen für Bachelorstudierende

University of Szeged in Szeged/Ungarn mit Plätzen für Bachelor- und Masterstudierende

Susanne Hausi, B.A.

Information & Application

Gebäude L, Raum 355

Stephan Altmann, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Application & Credit Transfer

Gebäude L, Raum 156