Process Overview for Outgoing Mobilities

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Going International from WING MA

Going abroad and studying at a university in another countrs requires careful and timely preparation. Deadlines must be met and documents aligned with the accountable persons need to be supplied to the correct addresses.

The full duration for the complete process is at leaste 2 years as it typically covers at least 4 semesters of your total studying time.

The process of going abroad covers five main phases as well as five key sub processes.

Information & Consultation are pre-requisites for entering into a controlled Pre-Planning and Application Phase.  

After having been nominated by your faculty and before leaving the country you need to cover mutiple tasks in Implementation Planning.

During your Stay Abroad you need to stay in contact with your contacts at home to manage and document adaptations to your planning continuously.

After returning, ensure complete Credit Transfer & Sharing you experience with new and prospective Outgoins students as well.

You will find the master list of your to-dos on the right at the top of this this page. It will help you identify and check off all deliverables in the subprocesses of Information, Financing,  ApplicationCourses & Credits, as well as the Erasmus program, which is applicable in Europe only.

The process of going abroad begins with an extensive collection of all relveant information about requirements and options. Main contacts here are the international office of your home university, your own faculty or college as well as the respective contact points at your target universities.

In our experience it is highly advisable to review all financing options as early as possible because a missed deadline may mean siginifcant less financial support for you!  Main contact for this is the international office of your home university.

Focus on getting everything you need for a succesful application, after you have identfied more than one of relevant options for your goal, because it alaways makes sense to have a backup plan. Main contact for the application is your own faculty or college, because they are the 'owners' of and therefore responsible for the exchange agreements.

Begin with investigating course options and credit transfer requirements early as well. Your application will have a better chance if you can show that you know key aspects such as course options at your prioritized target institutions. Main contact for this is again your own faculty or college.

Almost all exchange partner agreements within Europe are based on the European Erasmus Program. This program is generally adminstered by the international office of your home university; be aware that your participation and learning agreement must be confirmed by your own faculty or college.     


Register as early as possible with the International Office of HMA during the Information phase. This helps them plan their support for outgoing students.
But remember, this registration should not be confused with the essential Application task at our faculty.

Master Checklist

Deadlines & Milestones

Dec 1stApplication Deadline for Fall Term - CSU only
Dec 31st Application Deadline for Fall Term - All other partners
May 31st Application Deadline for Spring Term - All partners