Department's professors

May we introduce ourselves...



Prof. Dr. S. Altmann Innovation Management, International Management, General Management

Prof. Dr. H. Bergmann

Economic Law, Energy and Environmental Law

Prof. Dr. G. Birkel

Information Management

Prof. Dr. B. Brinzer

Production Management

Prof. Dr. C. Christian

General Management, in particular Accounting Rechnungswesen

Prof. Dr. O. Franke

Design and Product Development

Prof. Dr. G. Graf General Management, in particular Controlling and Marketing

Prof. Dr. W. Habedank

Design and Product Development

Prof. Dr. M. Hauth

General Management, in particular Procurement and Logistics

Prof. Dr. M. Hogg Technical Drawing, Computer Aided Design, Design Elements, Global Product Development

Prof. Dr. M. Klimmer

General Management, in particular Marketing and Organisation

Prof. Dr. W. Neuhaus

Mathematics, Physics

Prof. Dr. F. Nürnberg

Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

Prof. Dr. S. Rist

Physics, Statistics

Prof. Dr. T. Schüssler

General Management, in particular Investment and Financing

Prof. Dr. S. Seifermann Logistic and Production
Prof. Dr. C. Veyhl Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Dr. T. Weickert Electrical Engineering, Automation

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