Internship Office

The programm is intended to include an industrial internship in the sixth semester.

Educational objectives

The internship's objective is to provide students with the opportunity to consolidate and extend the theoretical knowledge acquired during the time of their studies. During their internship, students are challenged to carry out activities independently resembling those of an industrial engineer. Furthermore, they should become acquainted with the diverse working conditions and methods of an industrial engineer in the company practice. A great extent of an industrial engineer’s broad range of tasks should be covered.

Content of training

For this purpose, the students should take on concrete operational tasks in at least one, but at most three of the following areas:

  •     Controlling/ Finance
  •     Data processing
  •     Procurement/ Logistics
  •     Development/ Design
  •     Production/ Assembly
  •     Maintenance/ Service
  •     Marketing/ Sales
  •     Project Management
  •     Quality Management
  •     Power Technology and Energy Management

Internship period

Students have to complete a time period of at least 100 work days.

A PIS database is available thanks to students body of our department. It was developed by students for students: After completion of the industrial internship, data and assessments are entered about internship and companies. Thereby a valuable information source for students who are looking for an internship is provided.

The database can only be used from our PC pools in Building L (rooms 305 and 306) via an icon on the desktop.

If you have any questions, suggestions or suggestions for improvement, please contact Fachschaft W.