First Year Studies

You will automatically receive an email address from the university after immatriculation. As university administration, department and professors send numerous information exclusively via this address, we recommend you to check the relevant inbox daily.

During the entry studies, each student is automatically registered for the examinations of the respective subject. Since missed or failed examinations have to be made up in the next semester, there is no scope for a personal planning of the course of studies.

The examinations of the first phase (so-called entry studies) must be completed by the 4th study semester at the latest.

No registration is required for all exams in first year courses since you are automatically registered by the Service Center Studierende for all exams as well as possible repetitive exams.

Please check your individual registration status in time before the examination period in the exams period in the exam information system (POS) in order to avoid any unwanted "surprises".

You may apply for de-registration for an exam only in explicitly justified cases through the Dean's office. Cancellation can only be done by using a special form (see information on exam requirements for students) and must be submitted in time. The respective submission deadline will be published every semester. Requests that are not filed within the time limit will not be taken into account - meaning you have to take the exam!

Formulations such as "I do not feel sufficiently prepared" are the expression of a self-critical realization, but not a sufficient reason for deregistration.

After the deadline has expired, make sure to check your individual registration status to confirm its correctness.

In case you miss an exam that you were registered for, it is your personal responsibility to submit sufficient written and credible documentation explaining your absence (usually by means of a doctor's certificate for the day in question) to the Service Center Studierende (German). Failing to do so will result in your exam performance to be assessed as "not passed".

Missed or failed exams must be taken directly in the next semester (see §14 para. 2 StuPO).

Our experience is that delaying exams is unwise as it regularly leads to difficulties related to exam scheduling and often to extended duration of your studies.

Please note that you are automatically registered for failed exams (second / third attempts). Note that no more than three "open" exams of first year courses are allowed if you want to take exams in higher courses.

If you are unable to successfully complete three or more exams according to the study plan for the first two semesters, we recommend you to arrange a consultation with the program director. He or she will support you in your further study planning.

The certificate of the Bachelor's pre-examination (ie entry study) is automatically issued by the Studierenden Service Center.

Main Studies

Exams in main study courses can only be taken if less than a maximum of three exams are missing from the first year studies. Justified exceptions require the approval of the Examination Board.

A timely registration via the POS is necessary for all exams of the main study program. The registration deadline will be published each semester. If you do not register on time, you will not be allowed to take the exam. Please note that in case you need to retake an automatic registration is carried out by the Studierende Service Center.

You may deregister from an exam via POS up to one day before the exam date. Note that this is possible only for exams that you are taking for the first time. In caseyou want to withdraw from an exam which your taking a second or third time you must do so by official request and in time. The deadline will be posted every semester on the department's board. After the deadline, deregistration is not possible.

Foreign Languages

Undergraduate Engineering and Management students can choose any courses offered by the Language Center of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences for the respective semester.

Additionally, but only after consultation with the Head of the Examination Board, it may be possible to get recognition of foreign languages studies (for example, Chinese, Japanese) offered within the Studium Generale of the University of Mannheim. Note that in these cases, you may have to pay for any course or examination fees on your own.

First, find out about the current semester program at the Language Center (see the Language Center's board). Choose a language on level two or three (for example, English two or English three) according to your interests and inclinations, as only these will complete with an exam.

In English and French, only courses which meet the B2 ­— C1 level of the European Framework are accepted. For other languages courses with level A2 — B1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages can also be acknowledged as foreign languages.

Foreign languages according to the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (Study and Examination Regulations) are only languages which are not an official language in the country of the student's origin. In the case that English or French language training was not a compulsory part of the university entrance qualification, English or French may also be recognized as a foreign language at level A2. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the required documentation in advance.

No, since proof of sufficient command of the German language (DSH) is a prerequisite for the bachelor's degree in Engineering and Management, German could not be acknowledged as a foreign language.

Industrial Internship

You will find all basic information on the industrial internship semester in the study and examination regulations (§4 StuPO and §54, 8 StuPO) as well as on the information pages of the internship office website.

If, after reviewing these documents, you have further questions, please contact the head of internship office (Prof. Dr. Birkel in Building L, Room 155).

The responsibility of the student is to obtain a place for the industrial internship semester. Please refer to the information on the website of the Internship Office.

If there are justified doubts as to whether an internship correspondent to the StuPO guidelines (§54, Paragraph 8), please consult the Head of the Internship Office (Prof. Dr. Birkel) in time before signing the contract.

When looking for an internship we also recommend taking a look at the information system (ISP) developed by the Fachschaft as well as the information on the black boards of the internship office. Here you will find information about internships at home or abroad as well as personal recommendations from fellow students. The data base can only be accessed from the PC pools in building L (room 305 and 306) via an icon on the desktop.

In addition, every semester, students who have just been abroad report on their experiences in an information event. The date of this event will be announced in time.

Before you sign a contract and start your internship, you must register in time with all required documents. You can find the registration form and the deadline on the website of the internship office of our department.

Avoid prolonging your studies by registering before the start of the semester.

You can only start your internship semester after you have been successfully completed all exams in courses of the official study schedule for previous semester. In case you have more than three "open" exams, we advise you to move the intership. The postponement of the industrial internship semester must be carried out by and in agreement with the Head of the Internship Office, Prof. Dr. Birkel.

If the internship semester is carried out in the eight semester deviating from the rule study plan, this can lead to overlaps in the schedule and thus to extended study periods. Please note that the courses of the eighth semester are predominantly blocked in the lecture-free time and are, for example, with attendance. The postponement of the intership must be carried out by and in agreement with the Head of the Internship Office, Prof. Dr. Birkel.

A maximum of two examinations can be performed or repeated (§8 para. 1 StuPO) during the internship semester.

The internship semester is considered to be completed after the required proof of the practical activities has been supplied and the two accompanying block seminars were successfully completed.

Seminars places are limited. It is your responsibility to apply for your place in the block seminars in time (for more information, see "Social Competences").

Block Seminars

The module "social competences" is an integral part of the industrial internship semester and is used to build up and develop social skills (for example, communication, cooperation and conflict management). In addition, the ability to plan one's own workload, to control oneself and deal with stress is to be strengthened.

The seminars for this module are blocked - as a rule - in the lecture-free time (so-called block seminars). Normally the events take place within a period of 14 days directly after the examination period.

There are two block seminars of two ECTS credits in total.

The two seminars must be performed before enrolling for the Bachelor thesis at the latest.

The current course offering and heir dates will be published on the department's website six weeks before the end of the lecture period.

Registration is possible only online. The deadline and the link will be published in time on the department's website under "Aktuelles".

Please note: Registration for block seminars implies compulsory participation!

Anyone who does not participate completely or is absent without reason (for example, documented by a doctor'sd certificate) during a registered block seminar must re-apply for the following semester. Please bear in mind that this could cause an extension of your studies.

Student Research Project (STA)

The student's research project is performed by students of the sixth (or higher) semester within a time period of nine weeks. We strongly recommend that you attend the accompanying course "Student Research Project" (STA) for a successful completion of this examination.

This course teaches the most important basics for carrying out scientific work. This is considered to be your prior knowledge by the Professor who tutors and grades your work.

The seventh-semester challenge

In order to complete your studies within the regular semester period and to facilitate a timely transition to a master's degree, all courses of the seventh semester are offered as block. The majority of them takes place during the lecture-free period immediately before the seventh semester. Some courses, however, may also extend into the first weeks of the lecture period of the seventh semester. In addition, there are attendance requirements for these courses - be sure to inform yourself about them in time!

ModulesCharacteristicsStudy and examination performance
Business and Technical English (BTE)Classes in the amount of two semester hours per week (attendance). Examination registration takes place via respective lecturer.• English application (will be announced by lecturer at the end of the previous semester)
• written exam (90 minutes)
Simulation Game (USP)

Depending on the number of participants, up to four mandatory attendance dates at the beginning of the semester.
The registration is not made via POS, but - by request by e-mail and notice at the end of the previous semester - directly via relevant lecturer.

• entrance test
• written exam (75 minutes)
• presentation (approx.15 minutes)

Engineering and Management Seminar (WIS)

The seminar topics will be issued at the end of the lecture or examination period of the previous semester. Seminar work is to be completed by the end of the lecture-free period and presented and "defended" within the scope of presence events.

Number of attendance dates depends on the number of participants. Participation in all attendance events is compulsory.

• seminar preparation of  seminar paper (15 pages maximum)
• presentation and colloquium



Registration for eighth semester examinations usually takes place via the respective lecturer, as direct registration via the POS is not possible at the end of the previous semester or during the semester-free period.

Independent of the semester-specific schedules published about three months before the beginning of the semester, the following "basic dates" apply:

All classes of the eighth semester will be completed by April 30th in the summer semester and by October 31th in the winter semester. From this date on you can plan to be away from university and your bachelor thesis.

Regardless of the semester-specific schedules published about three months before the beginning of the semester, the following "basic dates" apply:

All classes of the eighth semester are completed by 30.04. in the summer semester and in the winter semester until 31.10. From this date you can plan the beginning of your bachelor thesis.

Bachelor Thesis

It depends. The bachelor's thesis may take place at the earliest in the seventh semester and must be begun no later than six months after completion of all specialist examinations.

A prerequisite for the thesis start is the successful examination performance of the first five semesters and the recognition of the industrial internship (including the two block seminars!).

In justified cases, even if these requirements are not met, the bachelor's thesis may be approved by the Examination Board if examination performance of at least 150 CR can be proved during the application.

Formally, the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (study and examination regulations) does not set any limitation in this regard. However, these may not be from the first five semesters of the study program, since the application these must be successfully completed before the bachelor's thesis may be begun.

We recommend that you take special care not to plan to take any exams during your bachelor's thesis, for which attendance is mandatory (eg laboratory exercises in ET3 and presence required during the engineering and management seminar or simulation game).

For an application-oriented bachelor's thesis in cooperation with a company we recommend an application in time. An application three to six months before you plan to start your bachelor thesis has proved to be a good experience in the past.

The bachelor thesis should have a volume of about 60 pages (without registers, attachments). The formal requirements (for example, font size, line spacing, margins) must be clarified individually with the respective first assessor when filing the final thesis.

The study and examination regulations stipulate that a colloquium must be held about the content of the dissertation. This is open to the public and should take place no later than four weeks after submission of the thesis.

The appointment is determined by the first assessor in consultation with the second assessor and student.

Please note: If the colloquium is within the first 8 weeks of a semester, no re-registration is required for this semester.

The purpose of the colloquium is to present the essential contents of the thesis in a compact form to the reviewers and to clarify questions about the work.

It is therefore not a question of presenting the structure of the thesis in a condensed form. Rather, the initial situation, the objective and the method of operation, as well as the central work results, should be presented in an appealing manner and made available for discussion.

The two experts will participate at the colloquium. The university publicity is also admitted (for the presentation part, not for the subsequent specialist discussion).

The colloquium takes about 60 minutes. The presentation should be a maximum of 25 minutes. This is followed by a 20 to 25-minute discussion about the thesis. After this, a review of the work of the two reviewers takes place for about 10 minutes.

If you have completed your thesis in the first eight weeks after the start of the semester (01.09. or 01.03.) including the colloquium, you do not need to re-register to the next semester.


All students in their main studies could register in our alumni data base. The free entry allows access to online job offers for internships, thesis in cooperation with companies or professional jobs. In addition, there is the possibility to connect with Alumnis.

Topics of general interests

Examination acknowledgement

Exam achievement of other universities could be recognized at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.Please note that in the case of acknowledgement other failed exams are also included. Prerequisite for recognition is a written request to the Prüfungsamt. In the interests of personal semester planning, acknowledgment request should be submitted in the first lecture week. The corresponding form could be found here.


Semester abroad

Information about studying abroad could be obtained from the International Office (Building J, 2nd floor), or at our the department (see International).

Please also pay attention to our information events for studying abroad, which are regularly offered every semester.

Examinations taken at other universities may be recognized if equivalence exists.

Please make sure to check the course equivalence before you start your stay abroad. We recommend to apply in time. For further information about equivalence and the corresponding form, please contact the department's international office.

Semester off

Students could leave their studies on leave for important reasons (§ 61 para. 1 Landeshochschulgesetz; §7 admissibility and immatriculation regulations of Mannheim University of Applied Sciences).

The leave of absence must be submitted directly to the Prüfungsamt by means of a form (see download of the university hoempage). The application shall be accompanied by all required documents.

Applications for semester off must be submitted at the latest on the last day of the concerned semester. Leave of absence for past semesters is excluded — even with proven illness.

During a semester off, studies and examinations can not be provided (exception: maternity leave and parental leave).

It also excludes repetitive examinations and the industrial internship semester.

The semester off does not count as a study semesters. The administrative fee and the contribution to the Studentenwerk must always be paid during a leave of absence.

Grades and Certificates

In the examination information system (POS), you could always check your current grades of your latest exams.

Yes, it is possible. The Prüfungsamt will issue a provisional certificates for a fee.

Alternatively, you can always view and print your current grade overview at the POS. You can determine your current score for past exams by yourself using an excel tool. Here you can find the tool.

If you wish to take a master's degree directly or later at another university in Germany or abroad, you will have to submit module descriptions and study and examination regulations to assess the study requirements or to recognize the results already provided.

For this purpose, please make sure you have the statutes and module descriptions of your study. Due to ongoing updates, we can not guarantee that the relevant documents will still be available at later times.


Failed examinations can be repeated twice, with the exception of the thesis and the industrial internship semester. Thesis and internship semester may be repeated only once.

A third repetition of a test performance (fourth attempt) is not possible.

At the latest during the examination period of the following semesters! (Keep in mind that there may be changes in personnel and content.)

A prerequisite for a second repetition (third attempt) of an exam is department's study advisory service.

A corresponding proof of the consultation must be submitted to the Prüfungsamt at the latest four weeks after the beginning of the lecture period of the following semester by the student , but at least two weeks before the re-examination date.

If the proof is not submitted within time, the test claim expires, unless the failure is not the fault of the person to be examined.

In the Department of Engineering and Management the advisory service is conducted by the responsible program director. Please make an appointment in time.

Hardship cases

The exmatriculation is ex officio in this case, as a third attempt is not possible. Also the assertion of a hardness case is not possible here.

If the entry studies are not completed within four semesters and the entire study program is not completed within ten semesters, the examination claim expires.

Please note that for determining the study period and numbers of re-examinations study periods and failed attempts will be also took into account at other universities in Germany.

If you are not responsible for exceeding the deadline, you can apply for a hardship application (see § 6 para 3 StuPo).

A hardship application is to be made by means of a special form sheet. The application must be accompanied by detailed reasons for the hardship case. This is to be addressed to the Prüfungsausschuss at the Department of Engineering and Management and has to be supplemented with all necessary documents (for example medical certificates).

Non-formalized hardship applications are not processed and therefore automatically lead to exmatriculation.

The written notification of the Prüfungsamt provides information about the application period. Non-scheduled hardship requests are not processed and therefore automatically lead to exmatriculation.

Hardship proposals must be sent to the Prüfungsamt with all necessary documents (e.g. the completed application form + informal letter of formal notice + certificates or other evidence).

Lost items

There is no central office for lost items at the university. The janitors in the "skyscraper" or the library would be one point to go.

Accidents and emergencies

In each room you will find information about the next location of a first aid kit as well as first responders. In building L you will find a defibrillator and a first-aid kit in the entrance area.

If an ambulance is requested, the paramedics should be picked up at Rescue Point 2, John-Deere-Str. 90 (before building L, direction John Deere).

In each building escape and rescue plans are suspended. Here you'll find the escape routes as well as the locations of fire extinguishers.