Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)
PO Box 230 13101

Institutional Coordinator:
Leena Rantanen

Tel.: +358405962770

Study ProgramMechanical Engineering and Production Technology Bachelor Degree
Course Descriptions

HAMK Study Guide

Start of study programs
  • Spring term (starts in January)
  • Fall term (starts in August)
ProgramsNon-Degree-Program (1 study semester) for Bachelor- and Master students
Language of Instruction


Required Language Competence

English level B2 according to Europäischem Referenzrahmen

Financial Support



No tuition fees

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Preparing for Mannheim and Germany

Once you have received your nomination start looking into all the formal requirements that you need to meet before you leave for Germany, including, e.g., visa. Whether you need a visa or not is determined by your nationality. It does not matter in which country you study, i.e. where your home institution is located. If you study in a different country than your country of origin and have a residence permit for this country, you still need to apply for a student visa for Germany. Please inquire about visa regulations concerning your country of origin as soon as possible.

More information on preparing for Germany is available from the International Office of Mannheim University here.  


Prof. Dr. S. Altmann
Contact me to arrange a meeting date.