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Türkisch-Deutsche Universität
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften
Şahinkaya Cad. 86
34820 Beykoz, Istanbul

International Office:
Ms Deniz Besoluk
Programmkoordinatorin Studierendenmobilität

Exchange Programs
  • Non-Degree-Program
Duration and Content
  • 1 semester of studies
     optionally and in addition:
  • 1 semester internship
Study Program
Language of Instruction
  • German (Bachelor Engineering and Management)
  • English (Bachelor Engineering and Management International)
  • German (Master Engineering and Management)
Required Language Competence
  • English level B2 (Bachelor)
  • German level B2 (Master)
    (In accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
Start of study programs
  • Spring term (starts in March)
  • Fall term (starts in September)
Nomination Deadlines at Mannheim
  • May 31st - for fall term
  • October 31st - for spring term
    For more information about the application process for nomination please check with the responsible office at your local university shown above.
  • No tuition fees
  • Basic administration fees for each seemster (100-150 €) 
ScholarshipsPlease refer to your home university or our international office (see Website)

Application and Nomination

Exchange students always study at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim (UASM) as part of an exchange program of their home institution. For information on the application process please contact the international office at your university.

If your application for a placement has been successful at your home institution, you must be officially nominated for a study place at UASM.


As soon as you are successfully nominated by your home university, you will receive an application form from your contact person at your home university, which will be forwarded to our International Office and faculty. After forwarding your application by your home university's contact person you will receive an official letter of admission. You will need the letter of admission for your visa application.

Preparing for Mannheim and Germany

Once you have received your nomination start looking into all the formal requirements that you need to meet before you leave for Germany, including, e.g., visa. Whether you need a visa or not is determined by your nationality. It does not matter in which country you study, i.e. where your home institution is located. If you study in a different country than your country of origin and have a residence permit for this country, you still need to apply for a student visa for Germany. Please inquire about visa regulations concerning your country of origin as soon as possible.

More information on preparing for Germany is available from the International Office of Mannheim University here.