Learning Agreements (ERASMUS and Faculty)

You will have to fill in, align and collect signatures for your Learning Agreements (LA) before you leave Germany. In case you study inside Europe you will need two (2) LAs (Faculty and ERASMUS). If you will study outside of Europe, you will need one LA (Faculty only). 

During the application phase for our exchange program:

  • You can and should prepare a draft LA+CTP, i.e. the FACULTY Learning Agreement.

After your nomination for one of our partner institutions.

  • For all partners we require you to align the FACULTY Learning Agreement, i.e. the LA+CTP with us, Team International, starting immediately after your nomination.
  • All our Euopean partners require you to additionally file the ERASMUS Learning Agreement, which you coordinate with the ERASMUS coordinator of our International Office and the contact person of the target institution that you have been nominated for. You do this based on the FACULTY Learning Agreement.

There are different deadlines for the submission of a valid Learning Agreement to Faculty and IO at HSM as well as to the partner university. Make sure you are aware of the respective deadlines by inquiring actively with Team International of our Faculty and the International Office of HSM.

ERASMUS partners: 
In case of an ERASMUS partner you will receive the necessary information as well as the necessary documents to becompleted from the International Office of HSM io_erasmus@hs-mannheim.de. Note: You need to complete and receive signatures on the ERASMUS LA  AND the LA+CTP of the faculty before the ERASMUS deadline!

ALL partners: 
In case of ALL partners of our faculty you will be informed by Team International in the respective events (Welcome & Information, Credit Transfer Workshop). After you have successfully applied for a place at one of our exchange partners and you can access the necessary documents for completion in INT Wing in Moodle. You should aim to complete and receive signatures on the FACULTY Learnign Agreement  LA+CTP of the  faculty well before you leave Germany, we ask that you do this at least 8 weeks before you leave.

In our existing Double Degree Programs (TEC de Monterrey, MX and Tongji, CDHAW, CN) your must complete and receive signatures on the LA+CTP of the  faculty before you leave. In this case there are certain courses which you are required to participate in at the partner institution in order to be elligible to recieve the partner institution's degree. (These are explicitly marked in the respecvtive exchange program descriptions.) The remaining courses can be chosen from the general program that is offered by the partner instutions beyond the required courses. This selection must be agreed on with Team International according to the general credit transfer regulations of our Faculty.


Prof. Dr. S. Altmann
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