Transfer of Credits towards your degree at Mannheim University

You will need the signature of Team International on your completed Equivalency Application GWA (Credit Transfer Protocol CTP) from Faculty W for each course you wish to have recognized upon your return abroad.

The best way to ensure that credits earned abroad are recognized is to proceed as follows:

  1. During the application phase, use the partner university's website Global University Partners to research specifically the subjects and courses you would like to take abroad.
  2. In any case, attend the faculty's Credits & More-Workshop , which is offered in the first third of each semester.
  3. Use the materials provided for this workshop in the Team International Moodle area.
  4. Complete a  CTP for each course as part of the LA+CTP.
  5. Request an appointment with Team International to discuss your prepared documents.
  6. Make sure, i.e. must have filed your fully completed LA+CTP, signed by Team International, in your original Application area in Moodle before you leave.
  7. If any adjustments are needed regarding the agreed upon CTPs during your on-site study abroad (during mobility), coordinate them with us and update your LA+CTP in your original Application area .
  8. Next, upload your experience report in the same place as the LA+CTP(s). Please note that submission of the experience report is a mandatory part of your study abroad experience. A template can be found in the Moodle area.
  9. Upon your return from abroad, complete the Examination Committee's Recognition Form for externally earned examination credits HSM Official Credit Transfer Application Document - in the Moodle area and submit it to the Team International within the first two weeks of the new semester along with the final LA+CTP and the official performance evaluations from the foreign educational institution (transcript). Please make sure you upload all documents in your original Application area in Moodle as well.