Course Planning

Course planning requires you to identify the courses you want to take abroad and align with Team International which of these may be transferable regarding credits obtained at our partner institutions or your free mover target.

Please begin planning your course work abroad as early as possible. Ideally you will include substantial course planning information already in your application. This way, you will have a better understanding of what you can actually expect concerning course load and content. This will help you prioritize the available alternatives.

Please use the respective links in the individual sections of our partner universities availbale via Global Partners to find out, which courses are potenially available.

In case you are planning to 'free move', Team International can help you qualify potential courses after you have identified the appropriate info areas at your target university.

In order to ensure maximum credit transfer towards your degree at Mannheim University you must document all courses that you plan to take in Learning Agreements (LA). This will be at least be the FACULTY Learning Agreement you coordinate with Team International for all our partners. On top, you will need to align the ERASMUS Learning Agreement with the International Office and Team International. The ERASMUS Learning Agreement must be based on the FAULTY Learning agreement.


Prof. Dr. S. Altmann
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