The city center of Mannheim is unique in Germany. Elector Friedrich IV constructed the planned city of Mannheim like on a chessboard and divided it into squares. According to the legend, Mannheim served as a model for Manhattan.
Mannheim is not far away from Frankfurt and Stuttgart (about 30 minutes by high speed train). But also close to Munich, Switzerland and France.

As a student or doctoral candidate, Mannheim is also a great place to live. Over 30,000 people study in Mannheim - at over 15 different universities. The University, our University and the Pop Academy are the largest among the Universities. Mannheim is known within Germany not only as an industrial location, but also well known for its music location. So, the Mannheim nightlife could be correspondingly exciting.

In cooperation with the universities the public transportation company rnv offers a semester ticket for students of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.
For your semester ticket you need

  • Your certificate of enrollment,
  • your student ID and
  • 170 € for the ticket, which is valid for 6 months.

Students who stay in Mannheim for more than one semester can apply for a free semester ticket for the first semester. The free semester ticket is digital. You will receive a voucher code at the Bürgeramt, which you can redeem in the rnv/VRN app or online in the rnv/VRN online store. If you have any questions regarding the redemption, please contact the rnv/VRN customer service directly. More information here.

Here you can find information about the area of validity and much more You can buy the semester ticket online (not the free semester ticket, for which you need the voucher first), at the train station or at the rnv customer center (Stadthaus N1).

  • Travelling by bus, tram and train: the public transportation company rnv will also take you to the surrounding cities and regions. The circular Line 5 tram goes to Heidelberg and Weinheim, while Line 4 will take you to Bad Dürkheim in the Palatinate.
  • Travelling by Bike: VRNnextbike enables you to rent a bike at numerous stations throughout the city and cycle around Mannheim as long as you like. When you have finished with your bike, you can simply return it to the nearest VRNnextbike station – this doesn’t have to be the same one you picked it up from.
  • E-Scooter: Eletric scooter are everywhere in Mannheim. The biggest providers are TIER and Lime.

Mannheim has a lot to offer...

  • Sport: International Students of MUAS could also participate at the sport program of Mannheim University. Please check the website for more information.
  • Culture: Museums, societies, associations - a brief overview can be found here
  • Nightlife: Mannheims city nightlife

An overview of foreign language doctors in Mannheim can be found here.

In addition to English, many doctors in Mannheim also speak Italian, French, Turkish, Polish and Spanish. But also Arabic, Malay, Hungarian and Chinese are not uncommon. 


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