Intercultural, interdisciplinary and team-oriented

The Mannheim Management Engineer

Our Engineering and Management International degree program trains our graduates, the Mannheim Management Engineers, how to take on opportunities and challenges in globally operating companies and how to manage them in intercultural teams.

Mannheim Management Engineers will be able to successfully tackle tasks that offer international and intercultural challenges in the context of managing technical, economic and organizational interfaces. They will be able to shape global opportunities in cooperation with colleagues and in competition with competitors from different regions and cultures.

In addition, this degree program qualifies students for further academic studies (Master's degree and subsequent PhD). At Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, our Bachelor of Science graduates can completed the consecutive Master's degree in just 2 additional semesters.

In detail, the following skills are built up and further developed:

  • Professional and methodological skills: Ability to recognize and fully grasp complex tasks from technical and economic contexts and to solve them competently and efficiently.
  • Social and intercultural skills: Ability to interact effectively and appropriately with people, even if they have experienced a different cultural imprint, is an important prerequisite when solving specialist tasks. Important elements are multilingual communication skills, teamwork skills, presentation and moderation skills, conflict resolution skills and intercultural competence. (Intercultural communication and international leadership in the '8th semester').
  • International management skills: Ability to plan, implement and manage specialist tasks effectively, taking into account different national framework conditions. Basic knowledge of the specific framework conditions of international business activities and their effects on the necessary procedures in selected specialist areas are central training objectives. (International Management and Global Competencies in '8th semester').
  • Subject and focus competencies: Abilities to take on major challenges on the basis of a freely selectable profile sharpening in digitalization, sustainability and innovation (specialization in '8th semester'.)  
  • Foreign language skills: The ability to interact effectively and appropriately with people in a language other than German. To this end, the in-depth knowledge and skills of the English language, which are a prerequisite for admission to this degree program, are intensively deepened in advanced teaching formats. Knowledge of a further foreign language, freely selectable from the range offered by the university, can be acquired or existing knowledge can be acquired or deepened.
  • Academic skills: Basic knowledge and skills of scientific work, i.e. literature acquisition and evaluation, planning and structuring result-oriented scientific work and finally the preparation of scientific texts with critical handling of primary and secondary sources, especially in the international scientific language English, are taught.