Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Master

Yes, the graduate program is accredited by ZEvA.

This course is designed to receive graduates of business administration, engineering & management and engineering (see Auswahlsatzung):

Missing ECTS points can not be catched up at the University of Applied Sciences Mannehim as the ECTS points are a prerequisite for admission.

Pre-qualification Business Administration
A first degree of at least 180 ECTS credits, of which 96 ECTS credits have to be obtained in business and legal subjects. At the beginning of the lecture period of the second semester of study a technical pre-study internship of 20 working days must be completed at the latest. By completing the ECTS-Check BWL (in German), you could check whether you are basically eligible for admission.

Pre-qualification Engineering
A first degree of at least 210 ECTS, which includes an electrotechnical, machine or process engineering character as well as basic knowledge of business of at least 4 ECTS points. The proof must be submitted before the application and can not be catched up.

Pre-qualification Engineering & Management
A first degree of at least 210 ECTS Points, of which 36 ECTS Points have to be obtained in the fields of machine, electrical or process engineering (without mathematical or natural sciences, e.g. mathematics or physics). By completing the ECTS-Check WI (in German),  you could check whether you are eligible for admission in general.

Yes, if your bachelor's or diploma's certificate is not available at the time of application, please attach your current transcript (average grade and ECTS amount see § 6 (1) of Auswahlsatzung).

Furthermore the application has to include your assurance that all study and examiniation performances will completed before starting the first semester. In case of a provisional admission, this will be terminated if the required first degree has not been submitted within 8 weeks after beginning of the lecture.

In summer or winter term
The study program can be taken up both in summer and winter term. The application deadline for summer term is January 15th and for winter term July 15th. Application could be submitted from December 1st to January 15th respectively from June 1st to July 15th.

Yes. The graduate program is designed as a full-time program. However, there's the possibility to obtain a part-time student's status upon application. A part-time student

  • takes the regular lectures (see schedule),
  • has twice the time for the theory part. The duration of the Master thesis is still 6 months.
  • Halves its examinations per semester (4 examinations).

Since summer semester 2012, there are no more general tuition fees in Baden-Wuerttemberg. For International-EU-students who complete their undergraduate or graduate program, there are no fees besides administrative or semester fees.

Starting winter semester 2017/18, universities in Baden-Württemberg will begin charging tuition fees for non-EU international students. These fees amount to 1,500 euros per semester.

International non-EU students, planning to studyenter the country for the purpose of studying from outside the EU, plans the state government of Baden-Württemberg from the winter semester 2017/18 a personal contribution of 1,500 euros per semester. Students from partner universities are exempted, as well as participants of Erasmus programs.

For further information about exemptions see Tution Fees for International Students.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Service Center Admission directly.

Unfortunately not. The first degree grade is used to be the most important, but not the only selection criterion. A ranking for each prequalification will be created.

  • The first degree grade,
  • periods of relevant employment (internships are not included),
  • study, internships or work abroad

will be considered.

Details about the selection process can be found  here.

Unfortunately not. The admission with a final grade less than "good" (2.5) is not possible according to the  Auswahlsatzung.

"Professional practice" refers to a relevant occupation after a qualifying degree.

"Experience abroad" is given if related periods of at least 3 months duration can be proven in connection with studies or relevant professional practice.

In general 2 weeks after the application deadline.
After generating the ranking lists, the successful candidates will first be informed by the program director at short notice via mail. Often, however, a succeeding procedure is necessary. So, if you did not get a commitment right away, it may mean that you are going to move up.

Admission before the application deadline is generally not possible, as well as the consideration of applications received after the exclusion period.

Unfortunately not. The application process has to be run through every semester.

Unfortunately not. Commitments are only valid for the current semester.

Knowledge equivalent to your school leaving qualification (Abitur) is expected. In addition, HS Mannheim offers the possibility to check your current knowledge and to improve it (see preparatory courses on our website).

Yes, for pre-qualification Business Administration.
For business administration graduates the completion of a basic technical internship is mandatory. Although this is a prerequisite for admission, it may also be completed during your studies. Details  here. Already completed internships do not increase the admission chances.

German and English.
The program is predominantly held in German. Good to very good German language skills are therefore essential. In some cases, courses in English are offered and English-language literature is used, so solid English skills are required.

Confirmation by the Studienkolleg Konstanz. In case of foreign degrees (whether according to the German or other grading system), certificate recognition by the Studienkollegs der Hochschule Konstanz is absolutely necessary. Therefore, application without a diploma (see above) is NOT possible with foreign qualifications. See Auswahlsatzung (German) §6 (3).