Job description and job market

Through their interdisciplinary degree, industrial engineers are able to work in a wide range of industries as well as in almost all areas of a company. They often occupy interfaces where economic and technical knowledge is required, such as

  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Marketing / Product Management
  • Distribution
  • Controlling
  • Production
  • Innovation management / development

Due to their interdisciplinary qualifications, industrial engineers are often also in management functions.

As a result of the increasing internationalization of the economy, industrial engineers are often active in an international environment, They work with customers and suppliers worldwide, they analyze foreign markets, plan and implement strategies to develop products in other countries, manufacture and market them in global production networks. At home and abroad they often work in teams with colleagues from different countries.

Industrial engineers with specific international management competencies usually work in specialist and management positions in internationally oriented companies in Germany and abroad.

Further information about the profession can be found here (German).

The salaries of industrial engineers are high compared to other professional groups. The entrance containers range from a good 40,000 to over 50,000 euros. In many salary studies, industrial engineers are among the top earners among engineers and are still in high demand.

The high demand for industrial engineers in the industry or in the service sector, as well as the good job opportunities, can be explained above all by interdisciplinary training, since they can be used flexibly in a wide range of fields of activity.