Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — Prospective Students

Study Program International Engineering and Management

Building upon good expierences with our German bachelor program, there are currently no plans for specialisation in our international undergraduate program. In regards to our internationalisation process the introduction of specialisations will be reviewed and the curriuclum enhanced in due course.

No, there is no pre-study internship required for our currently existing undergraduate and graduate programs, however it is recommended.

Towards the basic study programs with 6 or 7 semesters, our study program International Engineering and Management offers within 8 semsters:

  • the possibility to study abroad without extending your studies,
  • to gain and develop intercultural and international management skills,
  • to practice and deepen your English skills and
  • to learn another foreign language and at the best to improve it.

In addition to the theoretical part you will acquire first practical experiences and skills for an international working environment.

Applicants need to fulfil the formal requirements:

  • HZB / high school diploma / secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent
  • English certificate (at least Level B1)

The allocation of places follows a selection process based on a scoring system.

Good English skills (at least B1 level) are assumed from the 1st semester.

The main instruction language during the first semesters will be German. Up to the 5th semesters your English skills should have improved at least to B2 level - the best prerequisites to pass your study abroad without a loss of time. Furthermore the main teaching and examination language will be English from the 5th semester onwards. 

The Hochschule Mannheim offers different refresher and language courses to develop and widen your language skills.

All bachelor's degree courses, all teacher education degree courses and most of the master's degree courses offered at the University of Mannheim require proven proficiency in German language.

For admission to the bachelor’s program, applicants must prove good German skills. German citizens or people with a German university entrance certificate do not need a certificate. International applicants do have different ways to provide this proof.
Applicants eligible for direct admission must pass one of the following German language tests:

  • German language test (DSH) is offered by some German universities, but not by HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. DSH-2 or DSH-3 is required for admission to university. Admission is not possible with DSH-1 or lower.
  • TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is recognized by all Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. It can replace the DSH.  

For further information about language tests please check the Studienkolleg Konstanz' homepage

Evidence for English skills (at least Level B1) can be provided in the following ways:

  • English courses were attended throughout the senior classes of secondary school, whereby the average mark as shown on the 'Abitur' certificate must be a minimum of 11 points. If your certificate mentions more than one English level, the lower level will be awarded.
  • School achievement will be accepted by continuous English classes for at least 6 years.
  • University entrance requirements were fulfilled in an Anglophone school system.
  • If none of the above-mentioned proofs can be delivered, one of the recognized language assessment test results can be presented. Please refer to


The Numerus Clausus (NC) is a restriction for admission, used if there are more applicants than places to offer. It depends on the selected study program and will be recalculated for every semester. All applicants will be ranked and vacant places awarded. The NC is equivalent to the applicant's score who got the last place.

The allocation of places at Universities in Baden-Württemberg is awarded in accordance with the existing administration rules. However will not only be assigned by the HZB grade (high school diploma/ grade of the school leaving certificate) but in agreement  with an extended internal selection process. Relevant courses and skills are referenced during this process.

The avarage grade could be determined after the admission process, as it depends on the amount of applicants and its achieved scored within the selection process.

Please note that besides the average grade (HZB/high school diploma/school leaving certificate) further criterias will be allocated.

Tuition and fees

Tuition fees for international students

The State of Baden-Württemberg will introduce tuition fees for international students who will study starting from fall semester 2017. International students will be required to pay EUR 1,500.00 per semester. The fees are for international students who enter for the purpose of study.

Students from the EU, the EEA, refugees as well as international students who received their general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) in Germany are excluded from the fee. Furthermore, students with established living conditions in Germany are also excluded from the fee.

Please note: students who are enrolled at Hochschule Mannheim before the fall semester of 2017 do not have to pay tuition fees.

For more information see Tution fees for international students.

For specific questions please contact our Service Center Zulassung (German).

Tuition fees for the second degree

Students from the EU and the EEA member states and German citizens or foreign students with a German university entrance qualification, who already hold a German bachelor's or German master's degree, may have to pay tuition fees when gaining their second degree of the same level. It is expected that this fee will amount to EUR 650.00.