Global Perspectives in Business & Technology

Engineering & Management International

  • Are you interested in both business and technology?
  • Are you fascinated by other people and cultures?

  • Is technology more of a means than an end to you?

  • Have people-made borders always been challenges to be overcome for you?

  • Do you see yourself as a generalist who can get involved anywhere?

Then our Bachelor's program in Engineering & Management International is for you!


International Management of Business & Technology and Advanced Electives

At Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, we offer you an exciting multidisciplinary degree program in engineering and management that goes beyond the standard Bachelor's degree. With semesters abroad, most advanced lectures held in English, courses on global topics and interculutural competences, and the right dose of digitalization and electives for specialization, you will be well prepared for an international career.

And if you're not quite sure yet where you want work after your studies, you'll be well prepared for an exceptionally wide range of entry job qualifications, i.e, you can keep all doors open for yourself later on!

It's Hip to Be Square: Experience Mannheim

  • Lively city with a vibrant nightlife.
  • Attractive metropolitan region with countless large global companies, hidden champions and cool start-ups.
  • Lower cost of living than in most other major German cities.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. You can quickly get to the university or travel to Frankfurt or Stuttgart in 40 minutes
  • More than 30 partner universities in 20 countries on 4 continents at your fingertips.

Math Prep Course - before lectures start officially

Our maths preparation course allows you to refresh your basic math. This will help you strengthen your foundations for your studies. The preparation course starts one week before the start of lectures.

Find out more now:  Math Prep Course

Alternatively, check out our  Online Math Prep Course

What our students are saying about E&M Int'l


David Steinfeldt, E&M Int'l, 5th Semester:
„Engineering and Management I-nternational (WBI) offers the perfect fusion of technology and global business perspectives. The  I  is the icing on the cake of the challenging yet very satisfying Management Engineering Bachelor's degree program.“

Daniel, 1st Semester E&M Int'l, October 2023

"The perfect degree program for those who find it hard to decide between technical and business administration. You have a little bit of everything, so you get a good overview and afterwards you have the option of specializing once you've found something and you can continue to keep an overview. The lecturers have experience from the industry and you are taught practical knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind math.“

Sarah, 1st Semester E&M Int'l, October 2023

"I think the program has exactly the right name: you learn about business as well as technology. Overall, the courses are quite demanding, but the program offers many different job opportunities later on, especially because of the high proportion of English."

Kevin, 6th Semester E&M Int'l, July 2023

"I like the program a lot, but it could related more reality from time to time and also be combined with more projects that prepare you for the working world. Of course, I understand that it's difficult to pack even more into the already very full semester schedule."

Dear Kevin, thank you very much for your feedback!
We are delighted that you are interested in our project-based teaching focus in E&M Int'l. You will find this in our newly introduced specialization 'Digital Business Management - DBM' in the 5th semester as well as in the form of already established regular company cooperations in 'Innovation & Technology Management - TPM1' and 'Advanced Production Systems - PR1' in the 7th semester. In addition, in cooperation with and MARS at the HMA, you have further options for exciting entrepreneurial projects, which you can choose as alternative elective specializations in the 7th semester.
Prof. Dr. Stephan Altmann

Ali, 8th Semester E&M Int'l, July 2023

"Mannheim University of Applied Sciences offers many cool degree programs and the E&M Int'l was very interesting. You have a good balance between engineering and business. The lecturers are 'correct' and all have practical experience, which they are happy to share in the lectures. The buildings are not far from each other, so you can't get lost ;)"

Career Opportunities with E&M Int'l

Mannheim Management Engineers have found very satsfying jobs as:

  • Business Consultant (e.g. Michael, WING 2019)
  • Marketing & Communications (e.g. Melina, WING 2021)
  • Corporate Project Managers (e.g. Jana, WING 2022) 
  • Engineer in Plant Design (e.g. David, WING 2021)
  • Innovation Manager (e.g. Markus, WING 2019)
  • AdvancedProduct Manager (e.g. Marc, WING 2019)
  • Business Management Battery (e.g. Tevin, WING 2019)
  • Int‘l Business Developer (e.g. Daniel, WING 2020)

Find out more about and from our graduates here: Alumni Briefs

Companies looking for E&M Int'l graduates

Mannheim Management Engineers are valued employees at global companies:

  • – a digtialplatformstart-upfor 3d printing
  • – leader in constructionmachinery
  • – leadingbusinesssoftwareprovider
  • – carcompany from Baden-Württemberg
  • – market and businessplatformservices
  • – largestbusinessconsultingprovider
  • – worldleadingchemicalcompany
  • – worldleader in opticaltechnologies
  • – global lubricationsolutionsleader
  • – worldleader in agrotech & management