The financial burden of a stay abroad should not be underestimated (flight and living costs, accommodation, health insurance and possibly tuition fees, etc.).

As a financing option, a number of (partial) scholarships and travel grant programs are open to you, but the scholarship application is usually time-consuming and has a longer lead time. Applying is not a guarantee of success for financial support! However, you should still apply for the advertised university scholarships, as the chances of funding are much higher here than in the regular scholarship programs offered.

Tuition fees are also quite common outside Germany. (Education there is a personal qualification that comes at a price (students as paying customers).

Internship allowances are often in line with local benefits and should cover the cost of living in the host country. Please do not set your personal bar too high and accept local conditions.

Basically, you are expected to finance your stay abroad from the same source as your studies in Mannheim (own funds, BAföG, etc.).

You can find further information on the pages of the International Office.

Gather information for scholarships

The Baden-Württemberg Scholarship is a program that serves to promote the international exchange of qualified students. The exchange is based on reciprocity, i.e. study and research stays for international students and graduates at a partner university in Baden-Württemberg and for enrolled students/graduates (regardless of their citizenship) of a university in the state of Baden-Württemberg abroad are funded.

The Baden-Württemberg Scholarship is awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH.

It is offered at universities, colleges, universities of cooperative education, music and art colleges in the state of Baden-Württemberg and at cooperating universities abroad.

The program serves the universities in particular to maintain and expand their partnership relations with universities outside Europe. The announcement with information on the application procedure for HTWG students is sent out in December/January by circular email, as a notice or is available on the website of the International Office.

Through the PROMOS program (Program for Increasing the Mobility of German Students), the DAAD supports student exchange programs such as semester scholarships, short-term study programs for final theses, travel grants for internships abroad, summer language course scholarships etc.

The Mannheim University of Applied Sciences uses PROMOS project funding exclusively for travel grants (as a one-time subsidy for travel expenses).  

The application requirements, information on the required application documents as well as further criteria can be found here

An internal university committee selects the applications as soon as possible after the application deadline.

INTERSTIP is a scholarship program at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences funded by the Albert and Anneliese Konanz Foundation.

The foundation aims to contribute to the growing internationalization by promoting steps of students in international projects. Students of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences who are going abroad for a study visit can be financially supported to carry out specific study projects. The focus is on supporting a stay that is not or only with difficulty possible from own means.

Further information about the scholarship can be found on the website of the International Office.

The Ranke-Heinemann-Institut (IRH) is a not-for-profit organization supporting students and partnering with more than 400 universities, vocational academies and colleges in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

The Institute's funding program includes advising, counseling, and financial support for students with a study abroad project. 

IRH funding opportunities: 

  • Grants for PROMOS scholarship holders
  • Study grant: performance-independent grant for a stay abroad (5-10%)
  • Full scholarships
  • Travel grants
  • Scholarships from Australian and New Zealand universities

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Ranke-Heinemann Institute and here.

Apply for scholarship

Apply via mail at the Internatinonal Office for the INTERSTIP, PROMOS or the BW-Scholarship. For other Scholarships use the website of the respective Foundations.

Documents you might need: 

• Curriculum Vitae

• Budget Plan

• Letter of Motivation

• Study Plan

• Acceptance Letter from Partner University 

• Record of Transcipt

• Language Certificate

• Letter of Recommendation

Become a nominee

When you are nominated for a scholarship, it means that someone has selected you as a potential recipient for the scholarship. This can occur in a variety of ways, such as being nominated by an independent comittee from the IO, meeting certain criteria established by the scholarship organization, or being selected through a competitive application process.

After you have been nominated, you will typically need sent further documents or accept the nomination. 

Note: Most scholarships do not allow the funding from other scholarships at the same time.

Receive the Benefits of your scholarship

If you are selected as the recipient of the scholarship, you will be notified by the organization and will be awarded the scholarship funds to help cover the cost of your tuition and fees (like Insurance, flights or visa). It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the scholarship and to follow any instructions provided by the organization in order to ensure that you are eligible to receive the funds.

Master Checklist


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