Course Planning and Credit Transfer at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Selecting courses that align with your academic goals is crucial. Our course and credit guide provides an overview of the wide array of subjects available, helping you create a curriculum that maximizes your learning experience. Understanding the credit transfer process ensures that your studies seamlessly integrate with your home institution's requirements.

To ensure a smooth course selection and credit transfer process, please consider the following guidelines:

Course Planning:

  • During your semester at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, you are required to take at least 4 out of 6 courses from a single semester (1 to 7 for the classic Bachelor program or 8 for the international Bachelor program) within the same program (classic or international).
  • Additionally, you can choose up to 2 courses from other semesters or programs, making a total of 6 courses. It is important to ensure that these additional courses do not overlap with the 4 selected courses.
  • Detailed information about lectures can be found in the study plans for each program, namely the undergraduate programs Engineering and Management (classic and international) and the graduate program Engineering and Management.
  • Use the module handbook, which contains details about the semester, language, course number, and credits, to fill in your Learning Agreement. This preliminary study plan must be submitted with your application.
  • The actual timetable for each study plan will be published approximately 2 weeks before the semester starts. At this time, you can verify the availability and schedule of your chosen courses and finalize your study plan.

Course Catalogue:

  • The study plans provide comprehensive information such as course descriptions and credit points for each lecture.
  • If your home university's study program does not perfectly align with Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, you can explore combining lectures from different fields of study.
  • In the submenu 'Courses in English' you will find an overview of all courses taught in English.

Learning Agreement and Credit Transfer:

  • Obtain the Learning Agreement template from your home university and clarify with your coordinator which courses you can take at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.
  • During the application process, we will review the feasibility of your chosen courses.
  • A binding course selection can only be made when the timetables are published, about 2 weeks before the lectures start.
  • The exam periods at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences typically occur at the end of January and June.
  • Once you pass the exams, your grades will be entered into the examination system (POS). You can download and print your Transcript of Records (in English) via POS. For official certificates, please contact the examination office for stamping.
  • Use the Transcript of Records to have your grades credited at your home university. Contact your local contact person for grade conversion.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively plan your courses, ensure credit transfer, and make the most of your exchange experience at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.