Frequenly Asked Questions

In General

Please make sure to take part the week before the lectures at the Hochschule Mannheim start. You can find the date and place of the welcome week on the International Office's homepage. The exact semester dates can also be looked up in the university's academic calendar.

You can find the course catalogue on the website of the Central Website

The course catalogue for the fall/spring semester will be uploaded in August/January respectively. In case you need to choose your courses before this, please use the course catalogue of the previous year for orientation, i.e. the course catalogue of the last fall semester if you are here for the upcoming fall.

Please choose your courses according to the requirements of your home university and according to your level of studies. The following rules apply:

  • Bachelor students can only take Bachelor courses unless they are already in their 4th year of studies; Master students are allowed to take both.
  • Courses of other departments could be chosen depending on free capacity

You will receive your user ID and your password for the university’s moodle portal during your personal enrolment at Hochschule Mannheim. Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the moodle portal and to register online for the courses before your arrival.

If your home university requires a Learning Agreement (mainly Erasmus students), please send it via email to the International Officer of the faculty to have it signed.

At Hochschule Mannheim, only some courses require a registration via POS at the beginning of the semester. However, all courses require a registration for the exams which is done in a separate registration period during the semester.

Most of our lecturers provide a blackboard with latest job offers for internships or students job. Please contact us via email for any questions regarding applications in Germany.

If you do so, please make sure to be in Mannheim until the last day of the examination period. You can find the current semester dates in our academic calendar.

After Admission

Please inquire about the process of enrolment with your respective faculty and the Service Center Studierende. After all fees have been settled, you will receive your confirmation of enrolment by conventional mail. Therefore, make sure the Service Center Studierende always has your current postal address.

DAAD-Scholarship-holders bring the confirmation to the International Office for exemption from the administrative fee.

Exchange Students | International Office & Bursar:
Have your passport/visa checked, collect important general information. Exchange students pay a reduced fee directly in cash to the bursar (Mr. T.Wulf, H/218) and receive their fully functioning student ID-card.

For accommodation in a students' residence please contact the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. Exchange students will be contacted by Ms D. Ender-Frischenbruder.

Please come to Ms D. Ender-Frischenbruder and collect a rubber-stamped copy of your lease contract for K7.

As soon as your bank account is activated fill in and sign the direct debit authorisation (bank details & IBAN) hand in the signed direct debit authorisation.

You need:

  • 1. proof of enrolment
  • 2. money
  • 3. Student ID-card

Buy your "Semesterticket" at the train station or the rnv-centre (Stadthaus N1). For information about validity, connecting-tickets, a free Semesterticket and more Studierendenwerk Mannheim Homepage and Service Center Studierende


Residents Registration Office in K7

You need:

  1. your passport; EU-citizens may use their identity card
  2. a copy of your lease contract
  3. form "Anmeldung" from the info-centre there

You must register within the first week of your arrival in Mannheim. Fill in the white form "Anmeldung", draw a number from the queue machine in the main hall, and wait for your turn. You will receive a cc of your "Anmeldung".

Students arriving without a visa, and/or starting with lab or industrial work also see points "Residence Permit" and and "Electronic Wage Tax Form".

You could open a bank account at any bank. Therefore you need:

  1. your passport, EU-citizens may use their identity card
  2. your student ID-card
  3. cc of the "Anmeldung" from the Residents Registration Office

Open an account as soon as possible. All regular payments will either be effected by transfer or direct debit. Keep your current account balance statements "Kontoauszüge", you will always need them when renewing you residence permit. Please remember to close your bank account before leaving Germany.

You need:

  1. your preliminary confirmation of health insuranc (in case you already applied to an insurer while still at home)
  2. your bank details
  3. your passport or identity card
  4. your student ID-card

Health insurance is mandatory. Students – below the age of 30 – are eligible for statutory health insurance at the lowest monthly rate. Those above the age of 30 have to be insured privately. For more information, contact the International Office.

EU-citizens take their EU-health-card along when consulting a general practitioner.

Residence Permit at Foreign Residents Registration Office in K7

Students from EU member-states do not need a residence permit. All other students make an appointment with the Foreign Residents Registration Office. You need:

  1. application form "Antrag auf Erteilung einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis" from the Info-Centre there
  2. your passport
  3. your student ID-card
  4. two biometric photographs, can be shot in K7
  5. a copy of your lease contract
  6. proof of sufficient financing, current account balance, scholarship
  7. proof of health insurance
  8. money for the fee

Non-EU students who either:

  • arrive without a visa
  • will work in a lab as student assistant "HiWi2 = "Hilfswissenschaftler"
  • will start with a practical term in an industrial plant

must, immediately after registering with the Residents Registration Office, go to the Foreign Residents Registration Office (in the same building 2nd floor) and apply for a residence permit.

Students with a visa valid for 3 months who will not be working at once apply for a residence permit shortly before the visa expires. The Foreign Residents Registration Office will send you a letter, together with the yellow application form "Antrag auf Verlängerung einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis", requesting you to make an appointment. Should you not receive such a letter at least two weeks before your visa expires, please contact the Foreign Residents Registration Office yourself.

Electronic Wage Tax Deduction Form at the Income Tax Office Mannheim

All students who will either

  • work in a lab as student assistant ("HiWi" = "Hilfswissenschaftler")
  • start with a practical term in an industrial plant

need an electronic wage tax deduction form. Please consult with your employer how to proceed. For the address, office-hours please have a look at the website of Finanzamt (Income Tax Office Mannheim).

International students are obliged to register all receivers, whether the equipment is actually being used or not. Based on the assumption that this fee is included in the overall expenses calculated for obtaining the visa/residence permit, international students are not exempted from paying the fee.

Double Degree Students or Exchange Students studying more than 1 semester at UAS

Please contact the International Office and hand out

  1. confirmation from your supervisor that you have been accepted to stay and will be supervised (only for exchange students who are extending their study programme)
  2. confirmation of health-insurance
  3. payment of the social fee for the 2nd semester

The enrolment fee must be paid online by authorization of direct debit. For information on how to proceed, and dead-lines see Service Center Studierende: Rückmeldung.

In the Admissions Office the semester data will be printed onto your Student ID-card.
You will also have to make an appointment for renewal of your residence permit. For this proof of sufficient financing as well as proof of health insurance is needed.

Please come to the International Office and

  • pick up the form "Abmeldung" for K7
  • pick up the confirmation of termination for the health insurance


  • go to the Einwohnermeldeamt in K7 to deregister
  • go to the health insurance and return your health-insurance chip-card.

Erasmus+ students, requiring a "Leaving Certificate" for their home university, please inform the International Office in advance so that they will have it ready for you.

After you have taken exams the faculty will report the results to the "Prüfungsamt". The "Prüfungsamt" issues a transcript "Statusbericht" in English or German which you can also print out.

For a special transcript you will have to contact the faculty dean or your academic counsellor. On the basis of the "Statusbericht" may will issue you a letter confirming the exams you have passed.


Prof. Dr. S. Altmann
Building L, room 156
 +49 621 292 60 89

Consulation hours

Sarah Onigbanjo, M.A.
Building L, room 355
 +49 621 292 64 09

Consultation hours during semester
Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Consultation hours during non-lecture period
Appointment by prior arrangement