Quality management

„He who stops being better stops being good.“

We take the constantly updating our offered courses of high quality for granted. This is the standard by which we will be measured regularly by our students. There we evaluate our lecturers and study program at regular intervals.

  • Evaluation of lecturers: Mainly used to optimize and update our modules. It takes place at least once a year during the summer semester. Our students evaluate the structure and content as well as the teaching methods and documents of the courses.
  • Evaluation of study programs: The aim is to optimize teaching and teaching environment of our current study programs. It takes place once a year during the winter semester. Curriculum, teaching methods, student stress or satisfaction will be evaluated e.g.

Datas for all evaluations are collected anonymously and analyzed statistically.

Each lecturer receives an individual and differentiated evaluation of his or her course. In the case of an average evaluation result less than 2.5 on a scale from 1 to 5, reasans will be analyzed together with the academic dean and measures for improvement developed and implemented.

Our quality management is not primarily to be understood as collecting and analysing data or key figures, but as common effort of teachers and studens to permanently improve learning processes.